October 2018 – No free tickets for kulan this year

A lonely kulan against the backdrop of mountains in Altyn Emel National Park. The lack of pasture and water near the capture corral, was one of the main reasons why we were unable to translocated kulan in 2018.                                   ... Continue Reading →

“The Flying kulan of Kazakhstan” ARTE 360° Geo documentary

A new documentary by Markus Schmidtbauer on ARTE is showing the capture, transport and release of kulan from Altyn Emel National Park in SE Kazakhstan to a new area on the Torgai Steppe of central Kazakhstan. The documentary is available online from 27/05/2018 until 25/06/2018 and will be broadcasted live again on 8. June at... Continue Reading →

October 2017 – The wild ass returns

For the first time in more than a century kulan – or Asiatic wild ass – are now roaming the central steppes of Kazakhstan. On 24th October 2017, a first group of nine animals was released into an acclimatisation enclosure on the edge of the Altyn Dala protected area in central Kazakhstan. The animals had been... Continue Reading →

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